Thursday, 22 March 2012

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My Friends

my secondary school friends

form six

form six friends

we went to friend's house

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About My Family

My name is Tang Phooi Moon, can called me ah moon or 佩雯 (pei wen). I talked about my family first. I live with a lovely mother, an eldest sister and a youngest brother. My mother is a housewife.

Sometimes she also take some part time jobs like sewing cloth at home. Everyday she will cook for us and do the housework. Sometimes after lunch, she will go out to play mahjong with neighbours in the neighbour house. She likes talk with people. She always talk many with us. Love my mother.

My eldest sister...just elder than me 3 years old. She was studying here too - UTM. Her course is also Sains Com - Bioinfo. Everyday she must take a nap. Everytimes I talked with my sister but she just ignored me or else she just perfunctory. She very take care about us too la...sometimes if i got problem also will asked her help..awesome sister...hehe ^^

My youngest brother is 19 years old. He still studying. He is studying one side do part time job. He is awesome too. He likes play computer games until midnight. He always snatch computer with me. Thus i always quarred with him. But i still love him la,haizzzz...don't no why...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I will talked about my family, my friends in this blog..